Monday, December 15, 2014

German components distribution continues to grow

In the third quarter, the industry recorded an increase in sales and orders of 6%, the FBDi compared to last year. Sales rose to 741 million Euros, orders for 738 million euros. Thus, the book-to-bill ratio was first

The German components distribution expected a very solid year 2014 with the single-digit growth, the trade association of the components distribution (FBDi).

Above average rose semiconductors, namely by 8.1% to 510 million euros. Their share of total market remained stable at 69%. Somewhat weaker growth fell from passive components, they grew by 2.6% to 107 million euros (14% of total market). The electro-mechanics, however, fared somewhat weaker and only grew by 1.6% to EUR 77 million (10%).

On par with the semiconductors, the power delivery, which grew by around 6% to 17 million euros, but rose by 29% in order intake showed. However, the share of the overall market remains low at just over 2%.

FBDi CEO Georg Steinberger: "Compared with the overall economy, the electronics industry in general and the components distribution in particular is in quite good.

We expect full-year sales growth of 6 to 7%, which corresponds to the European average. Since the situation on the components market is still characterized by overcapacity and price pressure, one can quite a success. 2015 should sound due to the stable order, but not intoxicating. The increase is - nothing should happen out of the ordinary - are in the low single digits. "

Electronics manufacturing in Germany and sustainable export capability

The short- and medium-term prospects rated the FBDi positive: "The German market has not only its features such as the high proportion of automotive electronics, but is characterized by a certain degree of robustness in the production culture.

Much less than in other European countries, the electronics manufacturing has been moved abroad. Add to this the ability to export sustainable German high technology. Translated into components sales, this means above-average growth potential. "

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