Tuesday, March 22, 2016

7Nm process will become the main battlefield of Intel electric pressure

Security plan (ARM) and Taiwan TSMC announced a multi-year agreement and cooperation for 7 nm FinFET process technology, including support of future of low power consumption, high efficiency can operation system-on-a-chip (SOC) design solutions. This agreement is a continuation of the previous Artisan ARM based entity IP 16 nm and 10 nm FinFET cooperation.
In fact, TSMC currently advanced production process process, belong to the same generation of 10 nm, 7 nm process has to catch up, even beyond the competitors Intel (Intel).
Taiwan semiconductor electric advanced process of 10 nm, 7 nm, 5 nm, and other parts, all processes are all on schedule10 nanometer process to the first quarter of 2016 finished product certification, and 10 nm / nanotechnology applications is very extensive, such as mobile phones, higher-order networking, gaming, wearable and, with the rapid transmission efficiency and low power consumption, and 7 nm is expected to 2018 Season 1 to start mass production.
It is understood, Intel estimates in 2018 to determine production 10 nm and 7 nm estimated to 2019, and Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) at 10 nm progress is uncertain, TSMC in 10 / 7 nanometer generation has displayed its ambition, and launched a multi client layout.
Part of the downstream industry, said may not be using 10 nanometer products, such as 20 nm to 16 nm process transition products, but 7 nm is locked for the next generation the main goal of the, and the Taiwan product long-term contracts and arm concluded also established 7 nm in the future will become the main battlefield of International manufacturers.
According to TSMC in previous corporate open that argument, 7 nm process can be provided in the 2018 Season 1, and in accordance with the Taiwan semiconductor electrical plans, 5 nm will be launched in 2 years after 7 nm process, in about 2020 half visible clue.
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