Friday, December 30, 2016

Apple has not admitted iPhone6s battery problem

According to foreign media reports, if you are using the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, you may encounter battery problems. The most common situation is that even if the phone shows the battery still has enough power, but the iPhone6 ​​or iPhone 6s may still automatically shut down automatically.
Moreover, this is not a new problem, because the first time earlier this year, users have raised this issue. According to the "Forbes" reported that Apple official forums related information posted, a complaint about non-iPhone 6s models have TV problems post has more than 62 pages of replies, many of which users are said to be upgrading iOS10.2 After the problem, the problem is more obvious after the update, has seriously affected the normal use of the user. ff300r17ke3
Apple officials also launched a limited range of battery replacement items for the iPhone 6s and announced that the software upgrade will help other iPhone models to solve the battery problem. However, from the current situation, the effect of software upgrades seems very limited.
In this regard, "Fortune" magazine editor Jeff - John - Roberts (Jeff John Roberts) that the most annoying thing about this is that Apple refused to clarify where the problem in the end. Moreover, the company has been "pretending" other models do not exist similar problems, but only for some iPhone6s models start a limited range of battery replacement project.
It is reported that Roberts had their own iPhone 6 battery problems encountered, and "Fortune" magazine at least five employees of the iPhone 6 also encountered a similar problem. Roberts revealed that he learned that Apple retail store employees will provide users with an unusual solution, that Apple can re-install the firmware to the iPhone 6 in question, but this method may lead to the loss of important data, including short message content . cm1000ha-24h
Apple officially issued a formal statement to the Fortune magazine, although Apple in the statement written in a lot of text, but always evasive does not directly recognize the safety of its equipment battery, Apple's statement reads as follows:
We always work hard and are committed to providing the best products, user experience and customer support. We believe that this is the Apple user satisfaction in China and the world smartphone manufacturers have been the leading reason.
We have been very serious about customer complaints, including a limited number of iPhone abnormal shutdown. We also need to thank the media for conveying this issue to us. In the face of these problems, we will launch a formal investigation, and will carry out a detailed analysis of the involved equipment. When we find the problem, Apple will provide users with possible solutions.
Company survey found that in September 2015 and October during the production of a small amount of iPhone 6s used in the manufacturing process with too much outside air mixed with the battery parts. Two weeks ago, we launched a free replacement project for affected batteries around the world. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to users, but it must be noted that this is not a security issue.
At the same time, there are a small number of models not affected by the list of users also reflect their own equipment there is the problem of automatic shutdown, it is because some models will be in normal use for the purpose of protecting the device circuit components automatically shut down. To gather more information on this issue, we will have an additional diagnostic feature built into the iOS software update expected next week. By collecting this information, we can improve the algorithm used to manage battery performance and shutdown. And if this improvement proved to be feasible, we will be added to the future of the software update push.

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