Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Japan and South Korea Taiwan's Lu plant operating trends different tune LED output estimated annual increase of 14%

Taiwan's optoelectronics Association (PIDA) estimated today (2015) in industrial output value of Taiwan's LED components up to 14% annual growth, margin expansion of the previous year, mainly due to the two leading factory listed companies Epistar, Everlight start acquisitions and expansion, increase in output growth; although output ranked first in the world, but the global influence of Taiwan's LED industry is not high, and shall prevent land plant catching.

PIDA said that this year the output value of Taiwan's LED components will sit tight global top spot in Epistar positive integer and the next have the opportunity to acquisitions of foreign companies, plus billion light input and build a new plant expansion, prompting Taiwan in the international visibility significantly upgrade.

Although the value of retaining the championship, but the Taiwan LED industry in the global lighting market influence is still high, the lighting market still international companies or regions dominated by lighting manufacturers place, even in the past few rival phone with TV backlit areas are also quite a number of competitors, such as Saman, the country star, etc., especially lighting applications market is more affected by land plant price competition challenges.

LED plant is expected this year will eliminate ongoing and integration, and Taiwan should seize the opportunity to plant roots in niche markets, such as Japan plant Renesas (Renesas) to exit the red market, Taiwan fab homeopathic replace the supply gap, also contributed to the downstream customers turned to Taiwan plant procurement, including Everlight, Ding yuan were to benefit the day after factory orders to exit pocket.

PIDA said Japan plant this year, the exchange rate will continue to face interference, manufacturers of yen-denominated products is expected to increase due to the relative price competitiveness has to inject, but parts procurement will also cause higher costs due to the exchange, so the last trading day plant different tone trend, pre estimated value of this year's day of the LED elements small increase of 5%; South Korea in monitors, mobile phones and other brand factory terminal protection under the sea, this year there will be a slight growth of 2%.

Mainland China is the most dazzling growth rate, driven power LED lighting applications under development in the fast-growing, with LED independent supply chain gradually forming, contains three optical, Linsen, Guoxing, Jufei recent years has grown 40 percent jump , the estimated value of annual growth of 25% this year.

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