Thursday, January 29, 2015

Intel plans to promote the "completely without cable PC" The pace of development

Distance allow various cables to connect a personal computer peripherals among targets disappear, Intel only one step away. The company on Thursday said its new office computer chips designed for a number of built-in feature that allows the cable useless.

The fifth-generation Core vPro processors compared to the fourth generation provides a more robust performance, longer battery life and better graphics performance. In addition, the chip provides two new features designed to help cable-free workplace goals. One of Intel's Wireless Display technology, using this technology, users do not need to monitor the meeting room when the first cable to connect various presentations. Another is the wireless docking station, users can take advantage of this feature notebook with a larger display, keyboard, and mouse attached.

Intel, the leading desktop and notebook chip maker, is planning to launch next year, there is no cable connected PC. This is the hope that people long, but progress has been slow. This year, with the short-range wireless charging and WiGig fast wireless connectivity technology development, PC cable-free life is getting closer and closer to us.

More and more users to use their personal devices handling the transaction, Intel hopes the new chips to keep up the trend. The more consumer-grade chips,, Core vPro provides a more robust security performance, enabling remote access to corporate IT departments for computer processing of the transaction, even when the device is turned off, the technician can perform maintenance at any location or upgrade.

Intel also hopes the new cable-free feature can enhance the user demand for PC's, as more and more consumers are using smart phones and tablet PCs to meet their everyday computing required. PC market decline has been more than two years to ease in 2014, which also helps boost Intel's earnings and share price.

In addition to commercial grade chip Core vPro, consumer-oriented desktop system and the fifth-generation high-end notebook and Core i series chips for notebook and tablet PCs Core M chips have begun shipping. All of the above three kinds of series of chips are used in the new 14-nanometer process technology. Core i series also offers called "WiDi" wireless display feature, but on the basis of vPro series also provides a more robust security performance.

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