Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Samsung to become the world's first mass production of 10nm level of memory of the company

Samsung Electronics announced in April 5th, has been the world's first to achieve the 10nm level process DRAM DDR4 memory particle production, but also following the first mass production in 2014 after DDR3 20nm memory particles and a feat. Samsung not disclose the specific number of new technology, only vaguely referred to as 10 nm level or 1xnm. And according to the South Korean media had reported that Samsung is 18NM, to continue leading SK Hynix and micron rivals such as.
Samsung said the new technology to overcome the DRAM Industry in a number of technical challenges, including the unique technology of unit design, four heavy exposure (QPT) technology, thin dielectric layer deposition technique and so on, and still use the existing ARF immersion lithography process, has not been opened are expensive and not mature EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography.
New 1xnm DDR4 memory particles single capacity 8GB (1GB) for frequencies up to 3200mhz, in the performance of DDR4-2400 20nm process under the can be increased by 30% compared with, also same frequency power reduce 10-20%, PC, server mainstream, large enterprise networks, high performance computing system has broad prospects, single capacity maximum do 128GB.
Later this year, Samsung will also use the new technology to produce new mobile DRAM memory particles, for the field of smart phones and peace machine.
Slow down along with the expansion of the arrival of the new technology, capacity and the growth of PC demand decline, the demand for mobile phones, memory prices will be in this year appear decline, in the second half of the year will be at least 20-30% reduction of up to 40%. Samsung 18NM joined the fray, will further stimulate the price decline.
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