Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pickering once again expand PXI RF multiplexer series

As the field of electronic test and simulation of signal switches and modular instrument products leader, UK Pickering once again expanded its PXI 50Ω 600MHz RF multiplexer series product line, the new series designed 18 different configurations, including a Dual Slot PXI 32: 1 multiplexer switch module.

The latest series PXI RF multiplexing switch (40-760 series) offer several different configurations: two, four, eight groups SP4T; single, double, four SP8T; single, dual SP16T; and single group SP32T. Each multiplexers switch products also provide an automatic termination versions to optimize VSWR, thereby reducing the impact on the overall test system performance.
The series PXI RF multiplexer used in all current forefront of relay technology, the product has a very low insertion loss and VSWR. Each version is carefully designed to ensure the best performance in the 600MHz, repeatable RF switching characteristics, insertion loss metrics for each channel are very close.
By optimizing the mechanical and electronic design, to ensure the greatest degree of 40-760 series can suppress external noise coupling into the signal path.
This series is compatible with all specifications meet the PXI chassis and is compatible with mixed slot PXIe chassis. Can also be installed to Pickering's modular LXI chassis, operated via the Ethernet interface.
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