Monday, June 13, 2016

Apple set up a subsidiary to sell surplus energy solar power

According to foreign media reports a number of technology, Apple has just founded a subsidiary of energy "Apple Energy LCC", which is registered in Delaware, but the company is located in the Apple Cupertino headquarters.
The company's assets include Nevada and California power facilities, including for providing power to the headquarters of spacecraft solar panels and fuel cells.
Apple to the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission indicated that it should be consistent with the market price, rather than the wholesale price of electricity sales standards, because there is no significant impact on the energy industry, will not affect the market price. Apple approved the request after filing the application to start selling electricity (June 6) in 60 days.
Many states implement net metering (Net Metering), the grid allows users to have green energy generation facilities to the grid transmission of electricity, the excess power to sell a profit. Because of the large scale power generation projects Apple and quite complicated, Apple needs to set up a subsidiary to sell surplus electricity.
Apple is unlikely to sell electricity to consumers, because it requires the establishment of costly new infrastructure, transmission of electricity to the home, but also face other obstacles. Instead, the excess power during the day and sold to local power companies to help offset the evenings and rainy days is insufficient solar power grid electricity costs.
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