Thursday, September 22, 2016

LED industry will enter a chip packaging and integration route

LED is a kind of electrical energy into light capable of semiconductor electronic components. Such electronic components appear as early as 1962, can only be issued early low-light red, followed by the development of other versions of monochromatic light, the light energy emitted today throughout visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light, luminosity also increased to a considerable luminosity. The use is also made at first as indicator, display panels; With the continuous advancement of technology, light-emitting diodes have been widely used in monitors, televisions and lighting decorative lighting.
2010-2016 LED penetration in the market will have a substantial increase, in which the home market rose from 6% to 49%, outdoor lighting increased from 5-40%, while the largest commercial lighting will appear development, rising from 2-51%. With lower LED costs, prices fall, and the policy out of incandescent light, China LED market is growing rapidly, LED lighting penetration gradually increase in 2015 has reached 32%, has become a mainstream source. LED output value of 154 billion yuan from 2011 to 2015, an increase of 396.7 billion yuan, CAGR of 26.69%. lm2594
2016 - 2021 China is the development of LED industry analysis and investment potential study shows that the rapid development of China's LED industry is increasingly competitive. Benefit ratio of domestic chip to enhance access to technology as well flip a mature power efficient high-power LED chips, 2011-2015 upstream LED chip industry output value increased year by year, CAGR of 21.32%. 2015 China LED chip industry output value reached 13 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% slowdown. Midstream LED packaging industry also developed rapidly. 2011-2015 CAGR of 19.01%. The rapid development of China's domestic packaging companies also intensified global competition, China LED packaging industry has entered a period out of competition.
LED artificial intelligence replace the equipment, increase production efficiency, reduce production costs. LED as a typical labor-intensive industries, the upstream, midstream and downstream equipment to replace artificial intelligence, LED is expected to increase production efficiency, reduce production costs, and thus LED intelligent equipment has a huge market space. In LED upstream industry, for photovoltaic involving LED chips Prober. LED chip LED Prober for sorting measurement point links. The accuracy and stability of the test device has a very high demand, mainly Taiwan Whitby, MPI ASM and Hong Kong and other major manufacturers, except for Optoelectronic outside yet there are other domestic enterprises involved. Localization services for photovoltaic has advantages, point measuring machines have been mass production, and by the international manufacturers of quality certification. On the midstream industry, LED spectral taping equipment is part of the LED package of essential tool for LED light products, color, electrical, appearance one by one to detect, classify, and taping receipts, to ensure consistency of the three sex. For photovoltaic technology has a profound accumulation in packaging automation, packaging factory to China positive transformation from labor-intensive to capital-intensive, in line with industry trends to create 4.0 smart factory has promoted. hd74ls00p
Quality LED industry core technology and high-end products are generally held in foreign hands, but with the rapid development of China's LED business, our core technology and core patents in foreign manufacturers have quietly changed hands this pattern. Upstream has taken shape throughout the next period of time lead to new competition big changes? Chinese and foreign market background is different, the development of chip and packaging industry in Europe and America and Japan and South Korea is different, whether it is research and development, technology infrastructure, industry or stage of development, the future have the opportunity to take the package and chip integration route.

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