Monday, September 12, 2016

TSMC 10nm production by the end of Apple's customer lock MediaTek Qualcomm Hass

TSMC 10nm by the end of mass production, according to the equipment industry sources, including sea, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Apple and other four major customers, is expected end of this year is expected to complete chip design decision (tape-out), and have started booking TSMC 10nm production next year. TSMC, the first quarter of next year 10 nanometers can contribute revenue in the 10 nanometer production capacity quickly pulled a quarterly basis, the revenue growth momentum strong operating performance this year will be significantly better.
In addition, TSMC 7 nanometers estimated to be completed by the first half of next year chip design finalized, the first quarter of 2018, mass production, which currently includes programmable logic gate array (FPGA) maker Xilinx (Xilinx), graphics chip maker Huida (NVIDIA) two 16 nanometer customers have been identified across the 10 nanometer process generation directly with TSMC 7 nm to cooperate. 20t201da2
TSMC in the 12-inch wafer Fab 15 Section 5 has completed the first 10 nanometer capacity building, the recent trial production was better than expected, the first 10-nanometer chip has reached a satisfactory yield, there will be three 10-nanometer chips have been complete the design finalized by the end of the wafer and now there will be more to complete the design finalized, the first quarter of next year is expected to start contributing revenue. TSMC continued expansion section 6 and section 7, in addition to support for future 10-nanometer production, but also in some capacity in 2018 will be converted into 7 nanometers enter mass production.
It is understood that TSMC 10 nanometer customers, Continental Huawei Hass Group's semiconductor operation most active Hass phone network processor chip and has been determined to be the TSMC 10 nm process mass production, the fastest at the end of this year will enter volume production. MediaTek mobile phone chip maker also plans to speed up the miniature 10 nanometer, next year the launch of Helio X30 will use TSMC 10 nm production, the fastest in the first quarter next year may begin to expand the cast sheet. u83133169
Qualcomm next-generation 10 nanometer chip Snapdragon 830 phone still commissioned by Samsung OEM, but Qualcomm branched out into the ARM architecture server high-performance computing (HPC) chip market's first 10 nanometer processors, but not to the Samsung production, but TSMC by the steering committee, the same is expected to be finalized before the end to complete the design and mass production.
Moreover, this year, Apple TSMC 16-nanometer production A10 Fusion applications processor, has 14 production volume in the park TSMC 12-inch wafer Fab, next generation applications processor A11 is almost exclusively determined by the generation of TSMC continues to win work orders, A11 is expected to be completed by the end of October the design finalized, the second quarter of next year begin commissioned by the TSMC 10-nanometer process chip foundry cast, and will continue to use TSMC's second-generation integrated fan-out wafer level package (InFO WLP) technology.

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