Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Apple launched the Supply Chain war three go solve Samsung

Introduction: "In the long run, millet threat to Apple's even more than the Samsung threat to Apple." Stratechery.com analyst at consulting firm of Ben Thompson said. Apple does best thing to do is not just the best product but a smoke bomb, the war between the closed and open IOS and Android, and Apple's entire android enemy camp, which is the mobile phone manufacturers worldwide. Millet mimic Apple than Apple, Samsung has become the number one enemy is fortunate, in order to battle the stars of the sea must be crossed rivers Apple, and Apple deal with Samsung and Android camp approach may be used in the next step will be their millet body.
According to the Forbes website reported, frankly, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) does not like Android or Samsung smartphone design team, he has said that Apple will use all resources, with Android and Samsung to fight a "thermonuclear war." Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook (Tim Cook) did not continue to Jobs that naked threat, but on a long-term strategy, not only to curb the Samsung, but also to curb the influence of Android.
     Just as the United States through patience, advocacy and technical advantage to win the Cold War, as Cook through strategy, repression and strategies to curb the Android Apple's economic threat.

Strategy: quickly enter the 64 era
When Steve Jobs died, Samsung situation is very good. Galaxy S2 proved itself in the market, Galaxy Tab series of products have been recognized, Galaxy Note tablet has opened up the mobile phone market. Three years later, Samsung smart phone business revenue and profit began to decline, down more than 64%. Meanwhile, Apple's first-quarter results will hit a record high US corporate history. Apple's advantage this year will continue to expand.
Apple and Android Cook suppress a move is that by making the smartphone iPhone 5S into the 64-bit computing era. When Apple announced the iPhone 5S, yet no one Android smartphone manufacturers in the near future plans to release a 64 phone. Many Android mobile phone manufacturers and component suppliers are forced to fight, promised to launch 64 products.
They have no choice but to fight. Android's success depends on more than the opponent faster, better and more powerful commitment. If the iPhone into 64 era, Android must also enter the 64 era.
Android camp rush to fight the influence still exists. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810 is Android march 64 era, "leader", but production problems forced the mobile phone manufacturers to product release postponed to the third quarter of this year, or take the risk of selecting an alternative compatibility issues.
Repression: control and monopolize the best component suppliers
Through prudent financial management, Apple in terms of increased investment components. Several years in advance procurement of components, monopoly power supply, has been used to reduce component costs by Apple, while limiting the competitors using the latest technology.
An Apple-controlled components latest fingerprint sensor. Former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside (Dennis Woodside) has revealed that the original plan to configure Motorola fingerprint sensor for Nexus 6, but Apple's acquisition of the best fingerprint sensor supplier, Nexus 6 therefore abandoned the fingerprint sensor.
Apple is not the only fingerprint sensor control. Apple has also invested heavily in the acquisition of sapphire glass supplier, effective control of the supply of DRAM memory chips, touch screen, or even book in advance cargo aircraft, forcing competitors using slower land, by sea.

Manufacturers can not compete with Apple to get the best components, because a few years ago when in charge of Apple's Cook Book operate these components. After Cook as CEO, Apple will continue to supply chain management strategy before there will be any suspense it?
Apple has the best components in the leading position in many areas of technology, and more importantly, these advantages and develop the best smartphone capabilities, so that Apple can mass production and sales of mobile phones. All indications are that this week, Apple's last quarter smartphone sales over Samsung, Samsung sold a lot of low-end feature phones and smartphones, but Apple did these product lines. Users really like the iPhone 6 series of mobile phones, Apple make sure to meet the needs of all users.
Strategy: Apple to Samsung technology transfer chain
Samsung Semiconductor With its strength has always been Apple's loyal followers, every step of the advantages of android camp has become a leader. Apple "to Samsung" and will shift the supply chain to China Taiwan and mainland China, especially in the core SOC delivery TSMC, Samsung further suppress profitability, Samsung smartphone market in high-end nightmare began.
Apple's action brought huge butterfly effect, making the smart phone industry chain, China Taiwan and the mainland's rapid improvement, to support the outbreak of Chinese mobile phone today. Samsung's supply chain advantage is so weakened, and its advantages in hardware such as display, processor, many manufacturers have gradually become weaker competition. Left Apple, Samsung, became lackluster in product innovation, seems to have lost direction. Especially in the OPPO, millet rise of these emerging brands in the low-end market, lack of innovation, Samsung is more obvious disadvantage.

Apple successfully develop better products, while reducing Android vendor selection, so the development of the smart phone industry is more suitable for apples rather than Android. Meanwhile, Apple continues to get more profits through high-end market, the use of these funds to prevent the emergence of competitors.
Sony has given up on the high-end smart phone market to compete with Apple, but bet on mid-priced high-profile smartphones, this policy affects the profitability of Xperia smartphones. Samsung's profit in 2014 showed that the high-end smart phone market share in the loss of dependence on low-end products is on the rise.
The large single Apple A9 processor and a large single Apple's watches S1 SOC by Samsung semiconductor foundry likely to curb Taiwan IC industry, temporarily delaying the TSMC 10-nanometer process technology upgrade program to allow sufficient time for apples rolling Google camp, IOS as the main form of three-dimensional things to contend Android ecosystem ecology.

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