Friday, May 8, 2015

Linxens complete RFID antenna specialist KnL acquisition

Dedicated to the design and manufacture connectors for smart cards worldwide leader Linxens KnL Group has just completed the acquisition.

KnL Group in 2010 was founded by Yannick Zoccola managing director of this company, located in Bangkok, Thailand. This company specializes in radio frequency identification (RFID) and antenna embedded in the manufacture thereof, and these products are generally used for bank cards, ID cards, access cards and transportation cards and passports.

Christophe Duverne Linxens Group CEO, said: "This acquisition is Linxens KnL Group an important step and will help strengthen our momentum and we are happy for our products join KnL talent, technology and products, and are convinced that this. It will help us accelerate our ambitions in contactless products in the market. "

Yannick Zoccola KnL director, general manager, said: "KnL antenna has been developed in terms of a set of unique capabilities and we are pleased to own expertise and the expertise of Linxens binding, and accelerating the development of our business in the medium to long term, it will. Our products and services can bring a more reasonable choice for our customers. "Yannick Zoccola will continue to serve his current role, and add Linxens management team.

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