Monday, May 4, 2015

Ultra-thin LCD VS 64% of the surface of the liquid crystal former consumer preferences

2015's TV market, ultra-high definition picture quality on the market is still dominant, but the design also became the new consumer benchmark. In addition to the new form of curved LCD TV market today is more thickness comparable with the flagship smartphone of ultra-thin TV, what is more recognized consumer trends?
Recently, the authority of the domestic research firm AVC Openwave cloud Posted "2015 TV product design research report" that TV consumption trends and the integration of home design, as consumers buy new television standard. The report also indicates the relative surface LCD TV, ultra-thin TV consumers have a better understanding, more than 60% of consumers are more inclined to choose the ultra-thin TV.

2014 experienced a development boom 4K Ultra HD, pure display technology upgrading has been difficult to reflect the panel makers to pursue differentiated, panel makers are turning to TV design. Promote "more ergonomic 'curved LCD TV, and the pursuit of thinner and lighter ultra-thin television emerged as the two design direction of the current panel market.

AVC report shows that both the ultra-thin TV or curved LCD TV, consumers of their level of understanding of the whole are low, but consumers about the ultra-thin TVs and surfaces LCD TVs concepts, without considering the price of the premise, the relative surface of the liquid crystal TV, 64 percent of consumers prefer ultra-thin TV, the tendency of consumers accounted for only 23% of surface TV, ultra-thin TV as all income groups most consumer choice.

AVC data analysis, design better and more innovative, more high-end products, technology and more innovation, more easily matched with home decoration style, ultra-thin TV consumers tend to choose four reasons. Among them, more innovative product design, technology and product innovation is more and more high-end consumers in the choice of ultra-thin TV's core demands, but also consumers that ultra-thin TV LCD TVs more competitive relative to the surface of the product features.

In addition, the report also shows that in the minds of consumers, relative to the surface of the liquid crystal TV, ultra-thin TV with a relatively higher premium capacity, higher market value. 38.3% of consumers to accept prices above the surface of ultra-thin TV LCD TV prices, and ultra-thin TV prices lower than the acceptable proportion of consumers curved LCD TV prices dropped 25.3%.

Next higher price diversified television popular TV applications

Picture quality, new features and design are the three core elements of ultra-thin TV consumer preferences in Key considerations when buying a TV. The report shows that the design, the external shape (curved & flat), material and product thickness of the material is ultra-thin television preferences of the three demands of consumers in terms of product appearance. AVC The report notes that the ultra-thin TV brings minimalist design also an excellent way to meet the trend of home design. In terms of price, consumers are more than 1 million TV products have begun to show more favor, showing that the market trend of strong demand for high-end products.

Not difficult to see, ultra-high definition picture quality and design, will be the main direction of development of television the next few years. In addition to 4K, another keyword is "ultra-thin" no doubt. As the world's largest television market, China is expected to be formed in 2017, the market size of 45.35 million units, including ultra-thin TV will reach 7 million units, accounting for 15.4%, an average annual growth rate of 165% of rapid development. In 2016, the ultra-thin TV market will reach 3.8 million units, will completely throw off the market size is 300 million units of curved LCD TV, which also means that ultra-thin TV market trends in China will become the largest LCD TV market.

Trend of ultra-thin TV market at the beginning of this year will win the favor of consumers. In the upcoming May Day appliance sales season, the reporter found that ultra-thin television has become the supermarkets and TV manufacturers, "meat and potatoes", LG, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong and other manufacturers have introduced complete ultra-thin TV Promotions activities. Which is no shortage of heavy models added, both the thickness of only 55 inches G9200 Air 7.5mm Skyworth, but also has applications Zhen wide color gamut technology of LG 65 英寸 UF9500. In addition, Konka Yi TV · Slim2 8900S, Changhong CHiQ Q2R etc. are also ultra-thin star product. Ultra-thin TV season May Day performance worth the wait.

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