Monday, June 15, 2015

GreenPeak attention to partners in China to build a new eco-smart home business applications

Founder of the world's leading smart home Semiconductor / Enterprise GreenPeak Technologies and CEO Cees Links represent a reporter conference in Grand Hyatt Beijing recently held, GreenPeak Technologies is seeking Chinese partners to jointly promote and create objects Smart Home ecosystem networked platform, work potential partners to accelerate the development of smart city projects. Said Mr. Cees Links, GreenPeak China witnessed an important step towards the Internet of Things. GreenPeak solutions not only solve the aging of the huge Chinese demand, but not enough to fill the number of pension institutions of challenges.

According to the world's leading market research firm Research and Markets report on China's smart home industry: China smart home from 2011 to 2014, annual growth of 30% in 2014, smart home applications and products overall value reached 28.61 billion yuan, compared with 2013 increased by 39%.
Things era many Chinese telecom operators, service providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in China coming to seek opportunities. For the semiconductor industry, networking equipment based on market opportunities on behalf of the IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee technology trillions. Open global wireless networking standard allows a single smart devices are interconnected, lay the foundation for the Internet of Things, and to further improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of daily life.

GreenPeak Technologies founder and CEO Cees Links, said: "The current number of elderly people in China have nearly 200 million, of which about 50 million elderly people living alone to solve China increasingly serious aging problem, the key lies in the effective use of the smart home. solution, expanded use of things to install and run more economical, easier to scale .GreenPeak the social skills, learned to recognize the behavior of cloud-based self-learning ability, as well as analysis algorithm is applied to the smart home solutions, and is committed to using cutting-edge ZigBee technology and strategic cooperation model for the development of China's intelligent home networking ecosystem and contribute and really smart to upgrade the average family to family. "
Chinese social media users is most concentrated. This makes it possible to take advantage of the rapid development of China's Internet of Things technology, social media and online communications capability into the smart home applications, and it also allows families with children and the elderly in the premise of ensuring the privacy of living safely share information . Dispersed throughout the home ZigBee sensors can quietly collect data upon detection of abnormal behavior or unexpected situation, the system through social networks, such as micro letters and QQ, immediately notify the family or friends to take the necessary measures. Smart Home system makes the elderly feel more secure and increase the length of time an independent home for the elderly. Even the elderly and children separated in different cities, the smart home system will also enhance communication efficiency, and shorten the distance between the elderly and their children.

The growing strategic partnership

GreenPeak since last year opened an office in Hong Kong, China, to continue doing business in China first-tier cities, and set up offices in Beijing. In order to better serve our customers, partners, service providers and smart home ecosystem, GreenPeak plans to set up an office in Shanghai.

In March, GreenPeak with ZTE ZTE's Health Technology Co., Ltd. (ZTE Health) signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop smart home applications. The aim of this cooperation is based on China as a starting point, to provide intelligent solutions to the problem of aging of the world. The thrust of the strategic business alliance is possible to extend the time for the elderly to live independently at home, but also make caregivers and families more peace of mind. By partnering with ZTE Health Technology Co., Ltd., GreenPeak hopes to create a more secure environment for the elderly who will be the home of independent elderly prolonged 5--10 years. Compared to the construction of the pension agency, independent lifestyle at home for Chinese families and local governments to ease enormous economic burden.

2014, GreenPeak with the world's leading wireless module solutions for design and manufacturing experts USI Electronics to develop a sensor device of a high-performance low-cost ZigBee module for the intelligent home. The new ring Asahi Electronic ZigBee module so that the original is not good at USI ZigBee technology electronic equipment development partners can quickly deploy and implement equipment upgrades, greatly reducing the time to market of its equipment, so smart home devices more widely and more affordable.

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