Friday, June 19, 2015

Why periphery and core are to be considered when selecting a CPU

New products bring to market quickly - with increasing design complexity. To help customers succeed, has been certified for ARM Accredited Engineer Future Electronics' MCU 300 engineers.

The time factor more than ever now plays a crucial role in product development and in meeting the timeframe for the launch. Choosing a core that does not exactly meet the requirements can jeopardize the entire schedule. The technical distributor Future Electronics is therefore on the intensive training of its field application.

300 engineers have been in the last year certified for ARM Accredited Engineer MCU and can now offer extensive assistance in the core selection. Uwe Knipping, technical solutions manager at Future Electronics, explains in an interview with the ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS which criteria are of particular importance.

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS: What were the reasons for the ARM certification of engineers at Future Electronics?

Uwe Knipping: Through our work with customers, we found that great need for education is around choosing a suitable cores. As a technical distributor we set at the beginning of the development work on with our assistance around the choice of a core and place here the course for the project's success.

Participation in the ARM AAME program and the associated certification of Future Field Application Engineers will create the necessary basis of trust with our customers and at the same time laid the foundation to meet the different advisory requirements. By profound knowledge about ARM cores, we are even better able to design teams the customer from the start of a new project at the right decision to accompany architecture.

Why is this help today in the project so important?

Through ARM-based cores a vast variety of CPU choices has emerged in the last five years. Many manufacturers use the same core for its microcontroller, so that differentiation at first glance is not easy. Our experiences have shown that when choosing a microcontroller knowledge is tacitly over the core.

The manufacturer informed about what they have implemented around the core to the periphery. They provide customers with a wealth of material on data sheets and examples. Often but not find the time for individual advice on specific project. Here we jump and connect our core specific knowledge with the peripheral requirements.

Important is the vendor-neutral advice that we can with our overview of various ARM-based products and proprietary cores, such as the MIPS or AVR platforms, offer through our broad-based linecard in order to arrive at an optimal solution for specific customer needs.

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