Wednesday, June 17, 2015

With a heart rate sensor Sony Smart Watch SmartBand 2 exposure

Usually in the form of stand or companies will disclose conference to showcase new products, or released well-made website to attract users to get as much attention. But do not take the unusual way Sony is using a new approach, although the second-generation SmartBand Smart Watch has not been released, but the relevant supporting applications have first landed Play store, but in the press before the page is offline application, but fast chips Foreign media have been preserved image.

Apparently Sony is developing a new generation of SmartBand, new product called "SmartBand2", increasing the heart rate sensor, capable of better qualified fitness tracking. The new application interface to Sony professional Lifelog application more professional, to get the best of both with a complete experience.

Contemporary with the same model, SmartBand2 sleep and can simultaneously track the number of steps varies depending on the mobile phone side dress remind transmission weather conditions, after the alarm can be set to vibrate. There are also dedicated buttons for all of the data can be retained screenshots to help you ah recorded statement is very meaningful moment.

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