Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Apple announced HomeKit Siri instruction Smart Home Development Analysis

HomeKit system equipped with devices coming soon, Apple recently released a list of HomeKit Siri instructions, instructions contained adjust lighting, temperature control, coffee machine and printer mounted device open and close treatment, despite instructions not rich, but to meet the user daily home needs. HomeKit Apple introduced the first smart home platform, built-in features include door locks, lights, thermostat, network, HomeKit needed for the operation of third-party hardware products in collaboration with Siri is completed.

With Apple's smart home platform by developers to application stage, the smart home industry also will enter a substantial pace. Under the "Internet +" effect, intelligent appliances, connected to each other as a whole, all function controls integrated in a portable smart devices (such as smart phones, etc.), intelligent home life is becoming the mainstream of development. Foreign Apple, Google is constantly exerting force, the domestic market, millet, music, as, Haier, Midea, Wanda, and other businesses are actively force the smart home, smart home industry which led to the development of China.

At present, China potential smart home users have more than 100 million people, under the continuing impact of the Internet, the industry is expected in 2015 of smart home industry scale up to 124 billion yuan. 2013 of the smart appliance market size of over 100 billion yuan, is expected to market size in 2025 is expected to rise to 1 trillion yuan, intelligent hardware and software vendors will receive a major positive.

Apple announced HomeKit Siri instruction Smart Home Development Analysis

However, by the impact of the development time is not long, our smart home industry, there are technical standards are not uniform, inflated prices and product experience disadvantages such as poor. This requires hardware and software vendors to strengthen cooperation and expand the scope of cooperation in different fields, and promote the establishment of industry standards, improve concurrent power technology, improve product quality, to improve this situation. Apple released a smart home platform directive is the industry a good start, which will attract industry polymerized together in the development of the whole industry chain of intelligent, smart home industry will enter a rapid development stage.

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