Monday, July 6, 2015

First Cortex-M controller with asymmetrical hardware cryptography

Freescale Kinetis K8x MCU family combines security features and performance and is so safe for IoT networking about of sale terminals.

The implementation of a secure embedded application has been made up to three ICs required, including the main processor, a coprocessor for cryptographic security functions and in some cases, an IC for a physical sabotage protection.

Kinetis K8x MCU family combines all these functions into a single MCU, thus saving costs, space and power. Kinetis K8x

By integrating powerful security functions in this MCU family for the broad market Freescale contributes to the safe networking of IoT applications (Internet of Things) as POS terminals, smart energy gateways, home automation and building management, portable medical and wearables.

Act "MCUs for the broad market as a catalyst for innovative final applications. For the further evolution of IoT such MCUs for new product developments to ensure maximum safety, "explains Steve Tateosian, for microcontroller platforms executive director in the Microcontroller Division of Freescale. "Freescale has been a leader in securing IoT end nodes. We are expanding our portfolio of security features for Kinetis based MCU products ever made, and we have our new K8x MCU family designed so that they can master even future security problems in IoT. "

First ARM Cortex-M MCU with hardware-based cryptography

Kinetis K8x is so Freescale, the first multi-application MCU family based on the ARM Cortex-M technology with hardware-based cryptography.

This should bring significant benefits for the cryptographic throughput with it. Authentication takes an order of magnitude faster than with pure software implementations, the program memory is relieved, the energy efficiency increases and the latest communication protocols are operated.

Kinetis K8x MCU family with patent-pending 'on-the-fly decryption' for external serial NOR flash supports a version of the encrypted external memory and provides in this way secure scalability.

Integrated sabotage prevention functions on the Kinetis K8x MCU family protect against both physical and passive attacks. In total, these advanced technologies ensure first-class security for a wide range of applications.

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