Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Diodes Release enables asynchronous communication Octal Transceiver

Diodes has introduced enables asynchronous communication between data bus 74LVT245BB Octal transceiver control pin determines the direction of data flow, and disable tri-state output, allows completely isolated from the general line. Conventional data bus is mainly used for computer applications, and now televisions, set-top boxes, base stations and a variety of other data communication devices are widely used to provide a broad market for a variety of transceiver circuits.
74LVT245BB device is normal asynchronous communication between data bus provides a partial power-down function, thereby disabling the output current backflow and prevent damage when the device is powered down. The device also adopted during power remain tri-stated output to withstand hot insertion. Schmitt trigger input also includes a bus hold function, and therefore do not need to input resistor unused. Combined with better than 500mA latch immunity, these transceivers can contribute to the achievement of a wide range of design, can be hot-swappable application server computer and cellular telephone base stations without having to switch off the device.
74LVT245BB device specified in the 2.7V to 3.6V operating supply voltage range, can drive 3.3V or 5V input, allowing mixed logic voltage applications. The output can absorb 64mA or 32mA current offer and have <125μA leakage current when forced to reach 5.5V. 74LVT245BB device propagation time is 2.7ns (typical), has a driving capability for large bus architecture, and power-down feature to avoid loading the data bus, bringing advantages in power performance ratio, reliability and cost.
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