Thursday, August 4, 2016

IBM introduced DeepFlash 150 all-flash array

IBM recently extended its full line of flash memory products, has launched a new all-flash array --IBM DeepFlash 150. The product is intended to be a cost-effective manner and to control the big data, especially unstructured data. As a result, IBM is currently available, covering almost all of the workload of the flash memory product portfolio.
IBM storage systems and file person in charge with the object storage product manager Alex Chen said the new IBM DeepFlash 15 planned sale in the near future, aimed not find the desired functions on a standard all-flash storage solutions for application type. But most of all-flash arrays tend to focus on more traditional applications, such as virtual desktop infrastructure, block storage, and online transaction processing.
IBM DeepFlash 150 can handle large data sets. IBM claims that its new array density per rack or a single rack unit 170TB capacity flash memory capacity 7PB. High-density flash level so that DeepFlash 150 is also ideal for financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, telecommunications, entertainment and media, and cloud service providers. In addition to its high capacity and performance than flash memory, DeepFlash 150 is also very cost effective per GB capacity of not more than $ 1. IBM recommends that customers use their combined DeepFlash 150 IBM Spectrum Scale, in order to provide key functions covered storage services and big data workloads optimized.
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