Thursday, August 11, 2016

Intel's acquisition of Nervana Systems develop artificial intelligence technology

According to the "Wall Street Journal" online edition reported, artificial intelligence technology industry has become a popular trend. In this trend, driven by technology companies are competing to acquire start-up companies in the field of artificial intelligence, Intel became the latest to join the ranks of the acquisition of the company.
Intel on Tuesday announced that it will acquire artificial intelligence start-up companies Nervana Systems, to develop called "deep learning" popular artificial intelligence techniques. Nervana is a company with 48 employees engaged in the semiconductor, software and service development.
Intel did not disclose the purchase price.
Prior to this, Apple on Friday the acquisition of artificial intelligence company Turi Inc. Venture capital research firm CB Insights data show that since 2011, the company acquired a large number of transactions artificial intelligence start-up companies reached 31 pen, these big companies, including Google, Twitter, Yahoo, IBM and
PwC calculations included smaller-scale acquisitions, so far this year with AI-related start-up companies has reached 29 pen acquisitions this year, the total transaction volume is expected to exceed last year announced 37 pen.
After the 2010 acquisition of startup Siri, Apple promoted the rapid development of artificial intelligence in the consumer sector. After the acquisition of Turi, Apple is expected to benefit from Turi CEO Carlos Gus Sterling (Carlos Guestrin) expertise, which is the University of Washington professor of machine learning.
"Artificial intelligence will gradually change every industry," a pioneer in the field of deep learning, Baidu's chief scientist and Stanford University associate professor Andrew Ng expressed. He believes that the acquisition of buyer demand for talent to more than technology.
Intel's acquisition of the company's artificial intelligence has a special motivation. Although Xeon chip can handle most computing tasks in the data center, but rival Nvidia GPU faster handling specialized tasks associated with deep learning.
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