Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Embedded SuperFlash Technology SST Release

The world's leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions supplier --Microchip Technology Inc. (Microchip Technology, Inc.), through its subsidiary, Silicon Storage Technology (SST) announced the launch has been certified based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 130 nm BCDLite technology platform, SST mask low frequency embedded SuperFlash? non-volatile memory (NVM) technology. Only four easy steps to mask the SST SuperFlash embedded storage solutions and GLOBALFOUNDRIES 'BCDLite technology combine to provide both cost-effective, high durability to supply embedded microcontroller (MCU) and industrial IC designers Flash memory solutions. Such as battery charging (5V-30V) high-capacity power supply applications, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 130 nm BCDLite platform with SST SuperFlash embedded memory function will achieve advanced battery monitoring function, accurate measurement of battery life and health.
As the industry's first combination of SST SuperFlash embedded memory technology and advanced simulation technology foundry, GLOBALFOUNDRIES of 130 nm BCDLite platform with industry-leading Rdson, which allows designers to achieve a small die size programmable single-chip power solution .
SST global marketing and business development director Vipin Tiwari said: "Embedded SuperFlash technology low mask times and advanced process nodes 130 nm BCDLite combination product opens up new potential applications, especially for the power management market, so people are excited. now, there BCDLite technology needs of customers can add SuperFlash embedded memory technology for its complex algorithms while reducing costs. "
Dave Eggleston, vice president of the Embedded Memory GLOBALFOUNDRIES, said: "We work with the customer to develop the SST-ready 130 nm modular BCD + NVM platform, providing customers with an unprecedented level of integration for all kinds of demanding battery powered applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent motor control and normally off mobile computing. "
SST SuperFlash technology solutions based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 130 nm BCDLite platform is now on the market, while providing comprehensive technical support from the rich resources of a custom library, the custom library contains ready-made IP modules for analog resources / power SoC optimized .
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