Friday, July 22, 2016

The world's first flexible thermal sensing fingerprint sensor production

Global electronic payment market to flourish, while derivative transactions security, science and technology in biometric fingerprint identification because most credible, widely used. Panel maker Innolux and Norway NEXT Biometrics ASA jointly announced the world's first co-production flexible thermal sensing fingerprint sensor to become Amway is funding.
Innolux and NEXT Biometrics since 2011 jointly developed heat sensors on the glass, 2016 NEXT Biometrics have shipped one million fingerprint sensors to the well-known PC makers for its business notebooks and tablet use.
With the global information security problematic, biometrics demand doubled, combined Innolux flexible panel manufacturing capacity and Next Biometrics fingerprint active thermal sensing patents, successfully developed the world's first flexible fingerprint sensor, aimed at the one hundred million per year smart card (smart card), credit card or stored value card Yifu Ka opportunities, NEXT Biometrics estimated 2017 shipments per month 2 million flexible fingerprint sensor 2018 may grow to 10 million per month or more .
NEXT Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Ids? E said, there are the world's largest smart card (smart card) for our company the flexible fingerprint reader, the initiative to express interest in purchasing. Thanks Innolux R & D team to help solve the problems of thermal sensors to do the flexible panel, met in recent months significant progress in quality, we are proud to announce that Innolux NEXT Biometrics and flexible production fingerprint sensor will come in the near future time, to provide the best solutions in the global transaction security.
Optical group deputy general manager Yang Zhuxiang AII Business Group, said biometric technology to diversify, the first generation of optical sensor (optical sensor) module too large for customs inspection, the use of Apple's second-generation push-type capacitor chip (capacitive sensor) price is high, and the fingerprint scan area is too small, easy to have dead or offset.
Innolux when exposed to heat induction active NEXT Biometrics fingerprint sensor technology, pleasantly surprised. It scans the fingerprint area, high accuracy, irrespective of the quality of performance do the hard glass or flexible panel of the best, second-generation capacitive fingerprint identification chip compared, the price is quite competitive, serious problem for information security global economy, flexible fingerprint sensor to meet the smart card (smart card) market demand.

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