Thursday, July 28, 2016

ON Semiconductor Introduces Automotive Power Integration Module program

Promote energy efficiency and innovative Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor), further expansion of automotive power integrated module (PIM) product line, launched STK984-190-E. The module is optimized for driving three-phase brushless DC motor (BLDC) for modern automotive applications, comprising six 40 V, 30 A MOSFET configured as a three-phase bridge, and an additional 40 V, 30 A high-side reverse battery protection MOSFET. The MOSFET is mounted onto a direct bond copper (DBC) substrate, resulting in a compact module with excellent heat dissipation, it is only as effective as discrete programs half the board space.
The module is suitable for 12 V automotive motor drive applications, rated power of 300 W, electric pumps, fans and windshield wipers. Using motor controller designers to incorporate such LV8907UW, can create energy efficient BLDC solution with best-in thermal performance and built-in diagnostics, and ultra-small PCB, saving critical dimensions and weight.
Use this module can significantly reduce component count and BOM cost. DBC substrate thermal resistance reduced, thereby reducing the operating temperature of the MOSFET. By reducing the thermal cycling during temperature changes, which reduces the power consumption and increase reliability. Insulation provided by the DBC substrate also enhance the reliability. STK984-190-E specified operating temperature range of -40 ° C to 150 ° C. All integrated MOSFET through AEC-Q101 certification.
Chris Chey, general manager of ON Semiconductor System Solutions Division, said:. "Develop an efficient BLDC drive program usually takes at least 13-15 discrete components, while less than half the number of car components STK984-190-E power modules required in addition to a compact size, STK984-190-E support robust thermal performance with a smaller heat sink. this enables the size and weight of the system is significantly reduced, which means engineers can fully address the challenges currently facing with regard to improve fuel economy and overcoming space constraints. "
STK984-190-E lead-free DIP-S3 package measuring 29.6mm x 18.2mm x 4.3mm.

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