Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Toshiba, Western Digital plans to hit 14.6 billion US dollars to expand investment in the 3D memory

Toshiba (Toshiba) and US partner Western Digital (WD), proposed a substantial increase in investment in memory in the hope that the expansion force of anti-South Korea joint enemy Samsung.
Western Digital in May after completion of acquisitions SanDisk, SanDisk and Toshiba together to undertake in Yokkaichi, Japan memory joint venture factories. According to the Nikkei news reports, Western Digital and Toshiba plans to invest in the next three years to plant 1.5 trillion yen ($ 14.6 billion), higher than the size of the previous round of investment into three, in addition to the installation of a new machine, will then build a new plant.
Yokkaichi plant this spring, is already in production 3D memory, a new round of investment the main purpose is to increase the 3D memory capacity. 3D memory of the 2017 fiscal year, accounting for five percent the proportion of factory output in 2018 will increase to eighty percent more than forecast.
Samsung is currently the leading NAND memory of last year, the total amount spent on capital investment, Samsung Semiconductor came 14.7 trillion won ($ 12.8 billion), which covers the memory and logic chips, Toshiba and Western Digital reasonable reckoning a new round of three-year investment plan, scale should be comparable with Samsung.
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