Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Altera added Internet industry alliance to promote global ecosystem of Things

Altera Corporation today announced that the company joined the Internet Industry Alliance (Industrial Internet Consortium, IIC), the industry organization aimed at promoting the development of global collaborative ecosystem of Things (IoT). In particular, Altera and alliance members to work together on the technology roadmap, developing Internet industry, in this intelligent devices and sensor networks, data exchange through different Internet protocols, and enhance the performance of a variety of end-market applications . IoT promise that this intelligent network connection can support companies to develop "smart" new business applications, assets and business optimization, simplification, or automate existing processes.

Dr. Richard Soley, executive director of the Internet Industry Alliance, said: "IIC has been at the forefront of industrial innovation and technological development of IoT We are very pleased to be joining Altera IIC, play to their strengths in FPGA and SoC solutions, and develop a more flexible and secure. IoT systems. "

FPGA support intelligent and flexible acceleration IoT gateway and analysis

Altera's highly customizable FPGA (field programmable gate array) and SoC (system on a chip) product enables designers to bridge a variety of wired and wireless interface standards IoT growing variety of applications safely. FPGA technology also supports data analysis and control functions to accelerate, including data centers as well as local and edge, which is the key to meet the emerging demand for IoT applications.

Altera industrial business unit director David Moore, said: "Altera technology will help IIC seek innovative ways to support the achievement of accelerated intelligent cloud platform and gateway platform, the acquisition and processing of various 'objects' of the input signal from the network edge of these platforms. can significantly benefit from Altera programmable hardware and software capabilities, the flexibility to meet the needs of distributed applications, while providing a cost-effective analysis and security capabilities to accelerate data center and IoT infrastructure. "

Altera FPGA, SoC, and power products have been in RF wireless systems and machine to machine communication networking plays an important role. In addition, the programmable logic is widely used in factory automation and smart grid, supporting high-performance control and analysis functions, to achieve an efficient, safe, secure advanced manufacturing and power systems. FPGA is also used for the next generation of automotive and medical IoT systems, and smart city applications, for example, the use of intelligent lighting and traffic management systems of high performance embedded vision and video analysis capabilities.

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