Thursday, April 9, 2015

TI-RTOS 2.12 The introduction of advanced power management capability and low power interconnect development

With Things (IoT) and gradually expand the scope of application in everyday products, simplifying software development has become increasingly important for interconnect applications. Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today announced that its entire real-time operating system (RTOS) key upgrade. The upgrade simplifies embedded microcontroller-based (MCU) applications, such as Android and Windows for internal advanced operating system power management usability. Thus, by virtue of TI-RTOS 2.12, developers can easily take advantage of the built-in power management features TI devices to create IoT applications with longer battery life. In order to achieve universal access in the entire TI embedded processing portfolio, TI-RTOS 2.12 can be a free upgrade, designed to help application developers to focus on achieving differentiation, and preset and tested by connecting the stack and drive faster time to market, while avoiding the need to write low-level code. This new version is a major upgrade RTOS 2012 starting platform, incorporates TI experience in providing quality solutions for real-time applications OS at 20 years of accumulation. Log now for free download new software.

TI-RTOS 2.12 for all supported devices, multi-tasking, power management, and peripheral driver API provides a standard set. This allows designers to run through the TI-RTOS application migration between different TI MCU, thereby reducing the next generation of product development time. In addition, the new scalable platform for TI Design Network also offers a free, patent restrictions and is not widely used software platform.

TI-RTOS 2.12 now with Energia integrated development environment. Energia Wiring and Arduino-based framework allows designers to the case without a lot of experience in rapid prototyping of embedded applications. TI-RTOS 2.12 will Energia common and easy-to-use API with new features such as multi-threading together. This is an easy way to deal with the design of multi-threaded applications on low-cost TI LaunchPad development kit, but can use common hardware abstraction layer.

TI-RTOS 2.12 features and benefits:

· Achieve longer battery life through the power management features TI-RTOS, which allows designers to use as little effort to achieve maximum energy saving applications.

· Wide range of wireless connectivity options, with the TI SimpleLink ™ Wi-Fi CC3100 / CC3200 solutions and SimpleLink CC26xx / CC13xx ultra-low power wireless MCU chip stack integration, support Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® Smart and ZigBee, etc.

· OS components and drivers for open source (BSD) license, can easily be deployed on any application for free.

· Use a large number of existing software libraries before, to avoid developing software from scratch, in order to reduce development time.

· Improve documentation and a lot of examples that can help designers to quickly evaluate TI-RTOS performance, and proceed with the development.

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