Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Enables remote measurements of diode power sensor

Previously, power meters are grouped together by the power meter external power sensors and a host via a cable connection. In the radio-frequency power sensor signal is converted into a voltage signal, amplified, after digitization, is displayed in the host. This has the advantage that you can choose the appropriate power sensor for the current task, without the need to replace the power of the host, the downside is that the power sensor can not work independently, it can not be used without a host.

Now, with advances in semiconductor technology, power meter can be made into a small, integrated unit, and can be via a standard USB interface to connect directly to a PC or a power meter host. Rohde & Schwarz has recently released a new R & S NRPxxS and R & S NRPxxSN USB interface three-channel diode power sensor. The new three-channel diode power sensor products with greater flexibility, in addition to the existing USB interface probe, there is a new LAN interface, so you can easily achieve the long-distance power measurements.

The new diode power sensor has about features:

A wider range of frequencies

Both models have three selectable power sensor frequency range: 10 MHz to 8 GHz or 18 GHz or 33 GHz

Superior measurement speed

10,000 times per second, to be completed by the measurement trigger, trigger a minimum resolution of 100μs. Probes specific models can even be completed per second over 50,000 such interval measurement. Improved design allows three-channel diode power sensor can measure lowering the minimum -70dBm. New models with up to 93dB of dynamic range. At low power measurement speed improvement is particularly evident.

Through the LAN interface and a web browser control

The new LAN interface enables remote power measurement distance. For example, in a satellite system or a particle accelerator system in place certain position some power sensors can be completed on the computer control and monitoring control center. Power sensor can be easily controlled through a web browser, a graphical user interface, without having to install additional software.

Diverse and versatile measurement mode

Can help mobile communication users GSM, 3GPP, LTE and LTE-A signal power measurement. Can also be used to measure the 33GHz automotive collision avoidance radar development and production. In addition, new models can still measure the continuous average power, average burst power, average power slot, the average power gating and power curves.

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