Monday, April 13, 2015

The new study was important progress in the two-dimensional semiconductor LED lights cost or drop

The market can buy LED lights, although power consumption is only 6% of incandescent lamps, life of up to 50,000 hours, but tens of times the price, the LED light can not easily walk into ordinary people's homes. Recently, this reporter learned from Nanjing University, the school has made a new type of two-dimensional semiconductor research on important progress, is expected to create a new material, which greatly reduces the cost of production LED lights, the research published online in chemistry and materials science and other top journals "Germany Applied Chemistry ", and by Nature, NanoWerk, new materials and other academic online media coverage of the highlights.

It is understood that the high brightness LED lights, low power consumption, no radiation, non-toxic ingredients, but also in areas not covered by the grid, relying on solar energy can be used. Tension in the earth's resources, serious environmental pollution today, for all of humanity has very important significance. 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the blue light-emitting diode (LED) inventor of the blue LED R & D biggest difficulty has been overcome.

Institute of Nano-optical materials have Hyperion school director, said, LED basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, the main material used in the production is made of gallium nitride. This is necessary to prepare high-temperature vacuum semiconductor material, expensive, is an important reason for the high price of LED lights, can not be promoted.

In recent years, drawing widespread graphene and other new materials exhibit excellent performance, very suitable, including LED, including information on energy used to manufacture the device. However, these new materials have fatal flaws - metallic or semi-metallic properties, and used in the production of semiconductor material must have properties, how to change the properties of these materials has become difficult to overcome the bottlenecks in the academic material.

Hyperion has said the new material designed for single school arsenic and antimony-ene-ene, only one atom thick, with semiconductor properties. This ultra-thin material stability, superior performance, broad application prospects. Huanan Institute of Materials Chung Yan teacher said, "The new material once used for applications, these devices not only wearable performance leaps and bounds, and will be more slim, the price will be more close to the people."

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