Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Measure conductors and semiconductors in the lower resistance range

The gauge is Loresta GX by Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech (Sales: N & H Technology) allows the sheet resistivity, the volume resistivity and conductivity measured in real time. The measuring device is designed for the low range of 10-4 to 107Ω and is suitable to measure conductors and semiconductors in the lower resistance range.

The so-called Silicon mode, it is the first time to measure silicon wafer. A TFT color display with 7.5 '' touch screen function and facilitates the reading of the data and the menu navigation. In addition, the data on the USB interface can be transferred to a PC. Due to the automatic modes and auto-hold timer mode, a one-touch operation is possible. The applied voltage may be selectively chosen, so that measurements of materials with a low conductivity are possible.

Available are various types of measuring heads which can be used depending on the nature of the measurement object.

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