Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 tablet shipments rose only 2.1 percent, Microsoft will be the winner

March 13, according to foreign media reports, market research firm IDC on Thursday announced the 2015 Tablet PC shipments expected data. The report shows that in 2015 global tablet PC shipments grew only 2.1% compared with 2014, to 234.5 million units, the smallest increase since the formation of the primary market.
In addition, although Android Tablet PC is still the market leader, but IDC expects its market share will decline in the future. According to IDC expects, Android Tablet PC shipments in 2015 will be from last year's 154.7 million units to 158.1 million units, the market share grew from 67.30% to 67.40%; but out to 2019, Android Tablet PC shipments only will grow to 169.5 million units, while the market share will decline to 62.90%.

In fact the performance of Apple's iOS devices are not better than Android. IDC expects, iPad shipments this year, only 60.1 million units, down from 63.4 million units level in 2014, and the market share will decline from 27.60% to 25.60%. 2019 Apple iPad shipments will see a slight increase, but the market share will decline to 23.00%.
The next biggest winner tablet market will be a Windows device. IDC expects Windows Tablet PC shipments in 2015 up to 16.3 million units, significantly higher than the 2014 level of 11.6 million units, while the market share will increase to 7.00%. By the 2019, two data will achieve double which shipments will reach 38 million units, the market share will reach 14.10%.
"Microsoft is now doing a lot of good efforts, so we believe that the launch of Windows 10 later this year will not only play a catalytic role in Microsoft's market share, but also have a positive impact on the entire industry." IDC research director Jane · Philip Bouchard (Jean Philippe Bouchard), said.
Tablet PC growth is now slowing down, or even an important reason for the decline in the volume of the "flat mobile phone" epidemic. With the smart phone screen size is growing, these devices began to erode the traditional market tablet.

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