Sunday, March 1, 2015

Microchip new sports movement monitoring module makes it easy

The world's leading provider of microcontroller, announced the MM7150 motion module mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions provider --Microchip Technology Inc. (Microchip Technology, Inc.) Embedded World held in Germany (Embedded World) Conference This module integrates Microchip SSC7150 coprocessors and 9-axis motion sensors, including accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes, compact and easy-to-use package. Just with most MCU / MPU simple I2C ™ connection, various embedded / Things (IoT) applications can easily take advantage of advanced motion and position data acquisition module.

The motion module contains a pre-programmed complex sensor fusion algorithm Microchip SSC7150 motion coprocessor, such algorithms to intelligently filter, compensation and integration of raw sensor data to provide highly accurate position and orientation information. This small movement sensor module can be used to pre-populate (Bosch BMC150 (six-axis digital compass) and BMG160 (three-axis gyroscope)) the data provided in the course of running for self-calibration. Because MM7150 motion module uses single-sided design, so in the manufacturing process can be easily welded. In addition, Microchip also offers MM7150 PICtail ™ Plus Daughter Board, to help designers to easily develop a variety of products for motion applications. MM7150 motion module wide range of applications for embedded (such as portable devices and robotics), industrial (such as commercial trucks, industrial automation, patient tracking and smart breeding) and consumer electronics markets (such as the Internet of Things (IoT), remote control, game equipment, toys and wearable devices) and other areas.

Patrick Johnson, vice president of products at Microchip computing, said: "With this new campaign module, designers can low-cost, easily for a variety of embedded networking applications and add motor function due to the motion module MM7150 key algorithms are pre-programmed. so almost anyone can easily add this functionality without having to spend years to become an expert in the field of sport. "

Development Support

MM7150 is supported by the MM7150 PICtail ™ Plus Daughter Board (AC243007), the daughter board can be plugged directly into Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board (part #: DM240001) use by Microchip PIC® microcontrollers are widely used in order to achieve quick and easy prototyping.

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