Monday, March 2, 2015

MediaTek announced volume production multimode wireless charging chip solution MT3188

MediaTek today announced the industry's first multi-mode wireless charging technology chip MT3188 has been officially available to customers. Including power electronics, monitoring circuit and a resonator including reference design has been through a wireless charging standard Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) certification. With this wireless charging chip volume production, MediaTek to provide the world's first multi-mode wireless charging technology for billions of consumers worldwide semiconductor companies.

MT3188 compatible A4WP resonance wireless charging standard and WPC and PMA certified inductive wireless charging standard, and cost less than single-mode resonant solutions. Because multi-mode wireless charging function, MT3188 allows manufacturers of smart phones and other devices can be directly applied to any mainstream charger currently on the market for their products. MT3188 wireless charging solutions for users with unprecedented experience, including devices can be arbitrarily placed on the charger, while charging for multiple devices, the use of RezenceTM A4WP technologies such as long-distance charge.

General Manager of MediaTek wireless connectivity business unit Caishou Ren said: "MediaTek to get the world's three major wireless charging standard certification, and the first mass production of multi-mode wireless charging chip, can alleviate problems because manufacturers and consumers caused by multiple criteria, This once again proves the strength of MediaTek leading industrial technology .MT3188 intelligent use of magnetic resonance receiver architecture simplifies product design, but also allow users to be more simple and convenient wireless charging devices for different platforms. "

Kupiin famous brand in digital technology, general manager of Shenzhen Brocade Aurora Jijing Yao said: "The global standard will help the market grow, wireless charging is the key to whether the rapid take-off MediaTek understand the technical bottleneck, thereby providing cross these. barriers to product solutions to solve customer problems also contributed to the growth of future market opportunities. "

MT3188 has been A4WP BSS 1.2, Qi 1.1.2 and PMA 1.0 certification. MT3188 now in volume production, will be used with multi-mode wireless charging products, including smart phones, tablet computers and wearable devices.

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