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2015MWC: 5G open road, the goal is sea stars

MWC 2015 Mobile World Congress came to an end today. As the ICT industry's most influential event, March 2 to 5, full of people, flooded. Exhibitors publish showcase the latest technology and their own work, lively discuss the potential of cooperation between business partners, who are eager to look to the future leader in technology, media and enthusiastic audience participation circulation in each booth: some good lively scene.

Have to say, MWC's organizers GSMA build a win-win platform and stage. In this year's stage, in the end who is the most shining? Is amazing Quartet Huawei Watch? Or chip makers of all kinds of black technology? Or Samsung for self-salvation S6?

I believe that, whether it is the watch, the flagship phone or dolphin show all kinds of technology are bright stars. And when we retrospective before each conference, as well as three days of the show, I think that we can make it on the "Galaxy" is the hot 5G era. Most so I wonder and excitement is big time 5G journey has been opened!

5G is not a castle in the air to promote the application of innovative demand 5G

When the MWC show various hot 5G, when the same with the author if you doubt that the popularity it has not 4G? 4G not spend it, 4G has only just begun, 5G is what? 5G is not fooled?

In fact, first of all say that the concept of the 5G. 5G is both 2G, 3G, 4G, after the next-generation communications technologies collectively. Although the principle is still in the drafting stage, there is no uniform standard, but there are several core providers will be several major initiatives mentioned:

First, 5G will be 10-100 times the speed of 4G, 4G speeds are also based on the basis of megabytes of bandwidth, 5G speeds up to 1Gbps-10Gbps speeds this level;

Second, 5G 4G have lower than the network delay, the delay from 50ms into 1ms.

Third, 5G able to serve more devices, in order to achieve real things. 5G single fan cover expected load growth in the number of connections from a few thousand to one million.

Fourth, 5G will introduce more intelligent factors, including more intelligent network management, advanced software-defined networks and other intelligent technologies.

After talking about the concept, now, why not 5G castles in the air? This is because, 5G currently have surly as driven applications. Imagine that, a lot of current technological bottleneck, in fact, stuck in the speed. Here one by one example:

Automatic driving, for example, to achieve a more secure, more intelligent autopilot, the need for more powerful big data processing capabilities. The ability to build more powerful, which means increasing the cost of vehicles and other kinds of contradictions and volume enhancement reasons.

In fact, the autopilot many problems are common and can learn and summarize intelligent optimization, building on the history of humanity's most powerful computer is actually a data center. Autopilot needs to support future data center, and to support the data center, you will need to meet all kinds of environmental data automobile, real-time high-speed data transmission to the processing center. At the same time, low-latency network to ensure the car's safety. So, which gave birth to one of the typical needs of the 5G.

Intelligent robots, industrial applications, for example, include household robots, unmanned aerial vehicles such smart devices, in fact, with autonomous vehicles have the same conflicts, but also can only further the birth of this type of application through 5G.

Finally, various types of virtual reality applications, for example, when we need a real-time transmission of data from the sensor when the more powerful, such as real-time to another place real scene, the transmission in your eyes, none other than non-5G.

Forward application of various types of technology evolution, 5G technology needs; and three properties 5G technology, in turn spawned a large number of applications have to imagine the future of space.

5G wins the 2020 landing of various commercial

Faced with the real needs of industry and consumers, driven by a keen technology industry already in the layout. From communications equipment manufacturers, the chip maker, to handset manufacturers, or are beginning to make their own 5G strategic layout.

Ericsson Pakistan in this exhibition once again demonstrated its latest achievements 5G test bed in July last year after the test bed to achieve the highest rate of 5 Gbps of Guards, Ericsson demonstrated two technical milestones: 5G-LTE dual-link (5G -LTE Dual Connectivity) and 5G multi-point connection (5G Multipoint Connectivity), the former allows the mobile device can connect 4G and 5G, while the latter allows the device to connect two 5G base, these technologies are expected to be commercially available in 2020.

Huawei is further demonstrated its wolf culture, Huawei rotating CEO HuHouKun Pakistan exhibition during direct "shouted", the leader of Huawei do 5G era slogan. He further explained that, 5G network is not a simple upgrade, but all rebuilt. Large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, massive number of connections, high speed mobile, full-spectrum access, etc., are required to buy the 5G technology to a new level. According to him, Huawei has invested in 5G 5,6 years, has been deeply involved in the development of standards and research 5G.

ZTE is in the MWC scene, showing the technique called Pre-5G, that leverage existing platforms and technologies 4G, 5G achieve some of the functions in order to achieve the arrow refers to 2020 commercial goals. MWC scene from view, Pre 5G 4G base stations still use the device, you can achieve a peak rate of 400M, equivalent to a 4 4G base stations, network deployment efficiency dramatically. The site uses a 4G handset, but in the network speed can reach 30 + Mbps / s, four times the normal speed 4G network.

In the chip level, the general manager Xie Qingjiang MediaTek is also clear that, MediaTek has invested manpower and resources to carry out R & D 5G area.

And when we sort out various strategies, we will find that each have surprisingly identical to around 2020 as a target point 5G commercial. In other words, 5G only not castles in the air, but also push forward the process.

Wireless Internet will eventually catch up with everything wired connection remodeling

Remember? Once upon a time, we marvel at 1Gbps network speed Google Fiber plan. We were in the Imagination, so fast network in addition to video applications, but also doing? However, from the perspective of the current experiment 5G wireless transmission can easily exceed the limited speed fiber network.

Subject to spectrum resources, spectrum fragmentation, environmental factors and high cost problems, why progress in wireless networks is still much faster than a wired network without him the reason, the truth is only one:? Demand, demand, or demand. As described in the first part, autopilot, artificial intelligence, industrial applications, and many other scenarios

When the speed is no longer an issue, what does all this mean? Imagine, when speed is not a problem when computing devices also need a separate CPU it? Also need a separate storage devices? And These similar Imagination, has only just begun.

And when we think about the issue itself, when the speed of rapid development, the connection itself meaning of the word is subversive and remodeling, remodeling the advent of the era of the connection. Our time, just as the power grid, telephone and telegraph network was invented, like the popularity of the times, this will be calculated by the device, as well as everything can be connected together in a network, an enormous change.

And this change in the end is what I here venture to predict?:

The first level, all the smart devices can be connected together to form a large network of artificial intelligence, an enormous, constantly self-evolution and learning super artificial intelligence;

The second level, by the rapid transmission of the network, this super artificial intelligence, can reach any point of the Earth at any time, to solve the problem or help humans. Like Uncharted Waters in series like human, with 5G networks, human society will once again produce a new series. From industrial, to medical care, even to the social management, can be performed remotely, even by artificial intelligence to carry out.

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