Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bayer polycarbonate composite materials experts TCG acquisition

Bayer MaterialScience (Bayer) in South Devon completed a business acquisition, thereby expanding its position in the composites market, the market is one of the future direction of Bayer MaterialScience. Bayer MaterialScience was completed in March 2, 2015 in Nuremberg, near Langenfeld a full takeover of thermoplastic Plastic Composites Co., Ltd. (TCG), the company is a technology pioneer in the production of thermoplastic fiber composites field. Bayer MaterialScience will use the acquisition to expand its product range in key industries, thereby enhancing its leadership.

Bayer MaterialScience plans to fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic (composite) made of composite materials on the market. This is a new ultra-thin lightweight materials, with aluminum alloy material than existing solutions such as more superior performance. TCG acquisition makes Bayer MaterialScience access to innovative patented proprietary technology and equipment as well as an important resource. All employees of the company will be retained. Bayer MaterialScience plans to expand production capacity TCG, the first step is to expand the production capacity of the Nuremberg area. Subsequently, production in other regions could also be a corresponding increase in accordance with customer demand, to optimize customer supply.

Bayer MaterialScience has been actively involved in the development and promotion of polyurethane systems for substrate composite systems. Executive Committee member of the polycarbonate business leader Shi Lewen (Dr. Markus Steilemann), said: "We are seeing polycarbonate thermoplastic composite materials market is experiencing significant growth in demand and through. enter the relevant composite materials development and production, we hope to become one of the driving force of the industry. We expect the composite in IT, automotive, transportation and consumer products will have broad prospects for development, which will further strengthen our market status. "

For a long time, Bayer MaterialScience has been provided based on a blend of polycarbonate and related products and application solutions for many industries. This material is extremely lightweight, durable, easy molding, easy processing, and can be reused many times. Currently, polycarbonate composites development work at Bayer MaterialScience has been going for some time.

Bayer MaterialScience believes polycarbonate composite material is very suitable for the production of the IT industry with high-quality housing. These composites can achieve the size of a higher quality and smaller, and have a variety of additional advantages. Hardware touch polycarbonate composite materials like metal, but the texture is light. This material also has excellent formability properties as well as texture and feel, and that this material also has the advantage of processing costs. For example, in the automotive industry, this composite material helps make the electric vehicle lighter, more energy efficient; compared with the aluminum material solutions, the polycarbonate composite material can more greatly reduce vehicle weight.

Thermoplastic Plastic Composites Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, currently has 12 employees. In addition to high-performance thermoplastic matrix fiber composites, the company also produces ultra-light foam plastic, to provide engineering and technical services.

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