Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Qualcomm later fined US companies in China next five years will be very difficult

Although Qualcomm recognized fine six billion yuan, but the matter does not end here. China's economic growth slowed, the lack of regulatory transparency, and more powerful local competitors, affected by the impact of unfavorable factors superimposed, the day the United States in China, the company expects the next five years will be increasingly uncomfortable.

A Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce, said the annual report released March 4, 43% of those surveyed said that the prospects for the next five years, "optimistic", the figure dropped by 10 percentage points compared with 53% last year; while holding "slightly optimistic" attitude ratio of the number of respondents was 42%, compared with last year increased by 9 percentage points.

The survey was conducted last year by the end of October to early December in the Internet. Visit objects include Shanghai AmCham member companies (in China engaged in the business of American companies), in charge of small and medium enterprises and private entrepreneurs, a total of 377 companies participated in the survey.

US companies in China next five days will be increasingly difficult to US companies in China next five days will be more difficult

By 2014, China's GDP growth rate of 7.4 percent, the lowest since 24 years. Widely seen as the Chinese government will target economic growth in 2015 from 7.5% significantly reduced to 7%, the lowest in 11 years the goal.

Chinese regulators antitrust investigation against foreign companies since last year continues today. February 9, US chip giant Qualcomm was fined 6.088 billion yuan of the NDRC. It is also the biggest antitrust penalties.

More than half of respondents believe their companies become targets of government antitrust actions chance to rise. In recent years, the Chinese government's antitrust investigation of milk swept many industries, electronics and automobiles.

Nearly a third of respondents said that similar antitrust investigation brought great risks for their business, in 2014 this proportion was 13%. Survey shows that the highest medical, technology, communications, and the degree of concern auto companies.

US companies in China next five days will be increasingly difficult to US companies in China next five days will be more difficult

In addition, commercial website Business Insider noted that the report did not mention the impact of China's first anti-terrorism forthcoming bill to bring these companies. Reuters reported that the bill would require technology companies will provide the encryption key, and installation information security "back door" in the product.

The US government has come forward for their business requirements relaxed business environment. Just one day before the release of the report, US President Barack Obama accepted the Reuters interview, he told China's upcoming anti-terrorism bill questioned, and urged China China: If you want to do business with US companies, it is necessary to change this policy .

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