Thursday, February 26, 2015

The intelligent appliances appliances comprehensive health or to the consumer focus

Already very mature home appliances market in recent years does give us a lot of surprises in the new mode of thinking Internet companies, the traditional consumer electronics companies have also started their own transformation. Although large traditional home appliance business transformation due to their own reasons cumbersome and slow, but strong corporate background for them to win the public trust of consumers, many consumers said that he is still willing to believe that the traditional home appliance brand, they are willing to waiting for new products. So, how could 2015 appliance market develop? Healthy, smart enough to summarize two key words.
2014 is a year of full-blown intelligent home appliances, just a few years ago, the "smart" word people are constantly being challenged, appliance manufacturers are quick to use the product for a time with the sincerity of shattered all rumors. We want to see is not universal intelligence can be done overnight, if intelligent home is an aspiration, then a single appliance smart move to keep the results, we are able to find. Household electrical appliance enterprises have made the achievement of intelligent appliances, presumably in 2015 will be more mature technology, consumers do not have to be too impatient to go with a full range of smart home solutions, this is the future trend, but also the direction of our work together .
Health concern
Health is also a concern in recent years by, from a time such as bamboo shoots grow up purifiers Enterprise, you can see more and more emphasis on public health issues. Of course, the pollution has been increasing in the current environment, such a development is the trend. Air purifier market has begun to take shape, great benefits and urgent desire for the public, as the largest power market development. In addition, the water purifier business also received attention, and even some critics say the water purifier market is the Chinese home appliance industry, the last piece of undeveloped out of the battlefield, then was heavy, but really you can see a huge product line that brings hope.
Appliance industry can be divided into white and black, as black market the main force of the television industry in an intelligent way and goes far earlier than white, of course, this is also related to the characteristics of the product line itself.
Make products more user-friendly
 Even before 2014, the black market has begun to take shape, intelligent, smart TV products only reflected in the handling and operating systems, in conjunction with the Internet and the organic movement of products, make the product more user-friendly color, this intelligent direction right, but the limited space for development. You can see that in 2014 the big companies have to differentiate the product line, in terms of intelligence did not make much of a change, this does not mean the product has achieved the intelligence, then how to make products more user-friendly, the black business To solve this problem.
Android TV is still a long way to go
Compared to black products, intelligent white harder to achieve. White not like to make big changes like black in the operating system, it must be the real deal to change the functionality of innovative change. Therefore, intelligent road white products, although difficult to walk, but it does go solid. Such as the advent of intelligent sweeping robot R & D investment products after market, immediately attracted attention, which is a typical instance of intelligence. How to join the original product in intelligence elements; whether it can develop a new intelligent white new market will be a major issue in the 2015 white business?.
To identify the intentions
As already mentioned from the business point of view, the popularity of black and white electric intelligence has its own difficulties, so from a consumer point of view, we should choose intelligent products? Although in 2015 the development of intelligent home appliances will still be very fast But if we must choose intelligent products, still needs careful consideration. You're welcome to say, non-mature intelligent technology is likely to increase the difficulty of consumer choice.
Sweeping robot become intelligent white representative
Take the black line, the TV is essential appliances, although the frequency of use has decreased, but still can not shake their living room entertainment dominant position. However, consumers in the purchase must keep their eyes open, not to pay for features that do not need. As for how to pick, the proposed purchase demand.
White pay more attention to the basic functions of choice
 White areas even more so, because of the product's functionality is very strong, so be sure to polish our eyes, choose the desired function. Additional functionality is certainly valuable, but the product itself features than up, it becomes less important. In the choice of washing machines, air conditioners and other white products, must be based on their actual needs to choose, the most fundamental is the most critical performance requirements.
To improve market supervision
In recent years, the domestic water quality, there were many security risks, water purifier industry has been full attention. Endless Water Dispensers equipment, and constantly refresh the consumer's eye, however, and all emerging industries, speed the development of the water purification industry, there are also a stain can not be ignored.
Domestic water purifier market has been hailed as the last one and a half empty appliance market, unfortunately, for water purification products, there is no standard set of strict factory inspection, the Ministry of Health on the production side execution is GB5749-2006 "drinking life water health standards ", simply put, is similar with the water standards. Grading day without introduction on the market will not be able to achieve effective regulation, the regulatory side, must be intensified to improve the relevant aspects of the standard.
Water purifier enterprise ready
However, this did not hinder the consumer preference for water purifier market, more and more people in the decoration please consider home water purifier, which is worrying with the current water situation has a close relationship. Whether from a business point of view or from the consumer point of view, the current water purifier market has a very large potential for development. Companies need to develop, consumers need a good product, which became the greatest force water purifier market development.
We can see that in 2015 the water purifier industry will experience a reshuffle, with gradually improve people's health awareness, such as air purifiers, home water purification equipment such as new health, will become the future home appliance market force. Of course, in the early development of the emerging industry really need to go through growing pains, I hope to give consumers enough to understand. Of course, this also requires the relevant state departments and water purifier manufacturer's joint efforts, do not let the health of consumer confidence and hurt.

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