Monday, February 9, 2015

Intel, Samsung, TSMC into the fray how to react?

Recent industry have heard TSMC appeared to be hand fat (apple A9 processor orders) lost, snatched by Samsung, the reason is not as good as Samsung, TSMC technology. Since Samsung and Intel join fourteen war-nanometer process, TSMC's advanced process to become the number one market rival. As the world's largest foundry TSMC how react yet.

To maintain our competitive edge without falling TSMC, the most important thing, the general manager and co-chief executive of TSMC Liu Wei Zhe home audio and two work together.

TSMC chairman Morris Chang's words, so that the semiconductor industry talking about. January 15, 2015, TSMC held the fourth quarter of 2014 law that would, Chang respond to market speculation of Samsung (Samsung) grabbed most of the apple (Apple) A9 processor orders, he admitted that in 2015 16 nm market share will be smaller than the opponent does.

Indeed, over the past few years such as TSMC can not take - like Apple phone processors big one, because of the emergence of new competitors in the market - Samsung. Vice President of Allianz Global Investment Research Management Office Liaozhe Hong analysis, in the past, only a few foundries worldwide have advanced manufacturing process, now is the Samsung competitor in this pre-empted the emergence of fourteen Nano will carve up the market share of TSMC's advanced process and may even impact the profitability of TSMC.

In addition to Samsung's creeping outside, TSMC will be released in the fourth quarter, said France reported a 2014 operating margin up to 49.5 percent of TSMC, the first quarter 2015 gross margin of 50.5% to the point of view, a new high point, almost Intel's gross margin Tate leading semiconductor part on an equal footing. However, the outside world are speculations appeared after Samsung, TSMC will be how to further break the record gross margin Chang natural barrier?

In this regard, Chang has become God in the old, he pointed out, "2016, (TSMC) will substantially outperform their competitors." This sentence, motivate TSMC shares rose after the law says, the stock continued to soar upward to to a peak of 145 yuan. Let Chang emboldened key to the future lies in his two successors, general manager and co-chief executive of TSMC home and Liu Wei Zhe tone.

TSMC spread seen in the fourth quarter 2014 sales analysis, 20 nm and 28 nm process already contribute up to 51% of revenue, which accounted for 20 nanometer process 21%; 30% the proportion of twenty-eight nanometer. Visible, 20 nm and 28 nm process, called TSMC two veritable cash cow.

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