Wednesday, February 4, 2015

iOS 8.2 will be released in advance of Apple Watch: or in March

February 4, 2015 morning news, according to foreign media BGR sources said, as iOS 8 major update of iOS 8.2 will be released in March, rather than Apple Watch listed the same period, the latter of information about Apple's CEO has been in the earnings conference made it clear that will be available in April.

Currently iOS 8.2 has pushed the fifth beta to developers, it can be said the biggest highlight for iOS 8.2 will support Apple Watch is a smart watch. Previously Apple Watch has relevant information in the settings outflow, but also watch a lot of screenshots exposure companion application. We can see from the screenshot, Apple Watch can provide message notification, fitness data logging functions.

iOS 8.2 includes connotation WatchKit development kit that allows developers to create applications, Glances and message notification, and this is in order to watch the upcoming Apple Watch smart in the first quarter of this year to prepare.

In the first iOS 8.2 beta launched, in addition to WatchKit development kit and documentation, also revealed several important details about Apple Watch, including Apple Watch for iPhone has a high degree of dependence, and allows different types of content developers to develop applications for this product.

Informed sources, Apple requires some important application developers and partners ready to release iPhone application compatible with Apple Watch in mid-February.

It is unclear whether Apple to other developers made the same request, but the company may want to pre-released, first tested in some third-party applications Apple Watch internal staff in order to better understand when to use third-party applications the battery life results. Before there were reports that thousands of current Apple employees are wearing and testing Apple Watch, in order to end the market in April this year to prepare for a day.

Well-known analyst Kuo Ming-pool report predicted Apple Watch Smart Watch will be released in the first quarter of 2015, the first delivery 2.8 million.

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