Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MediaTek force LTE 150 million units this year will be a 4G phone

According to reports from Taiwan, MediaTek forecast 2015 revenues in the first quarter of 45.5 billion Taiwan dollars (about 88 million) between -499 billion Taiwan dollars, down 10% -18% from the previous quarter. Allegedly, this is affected by seasonal factors, the Lunar New Year during the work time is reduced, and product replacement reason. Allegedly one quarter gross margin will be between 46-48%.

MediaTek Q1 revenue down 10% -18%

Meanwhile, MediaTek 2015 smart phone shipments will reach 450 million units, compared with last year's shipments (3.5 million units) increased 29%. MediaTek Chairman Xie Qingjiang (Hsieh Ching-chiang) said that in 2015 its 4G handset shipments will reach 150 million units.

Allegedly, MediaTek in the domestic market will have 4G chip significantly expanded in 2015. LTE solution will promote the company's revenue growth. MediaTek expects 2015 revenue will be double-digit growth.

MediaTek fourth quarter consolidated revenues of NT $ 55.45 billion, a decrease of 3.5% from the previous quarter, gross profit also fell 1.2 percentage points to 47.9%. However, compared with the same period last year, revenue and gross profit increased by 39.3% and 2.2 percentage points.

MediaTek fourth quarter net profit of NT $ 665 million, compared to the third quarter of last year profit of NT $ 851 million, 2013 fourth-quarter profit of NT $ 643 million.

In 2014, MediaTek consolidated revenue and net profit have reached the highest level in the history were NT $ 213.06 billion and NT $ 46.4 billion. This year's net profit is converted to NT $ 30.04 per share, compared to 2013 was NT $ 20.51.

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