Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wearable device sensor design Apple, Microsoft renewed fighting

Special Assistant to the South Branch of the institute, said Chen Hongren Micro System Center, Microsoft and Apple are wearable device layout for many years, and accumulated a large number of patents, the two technology giants recent product MicrosoftBand, AppleWatch have put after implementation, also soon to become industry focus. In particular, Microsoft, Apple will concur wearable device is positioned as a health management, special assistant intelligence products to achieve a variety of new functions through a variety of environmental and biological sensor signals, is expected to drive a new wave of wearable sensor device design boom. A new round of wearable sensing device technology race start. Microsoft (Microsoft), Apple (Apple) recently introduced the first series of wearable products, not only once again sizzling market topics, will exercise wristbands and smart watches sensor specifications to the new situation of war. The two companies each with UV light, pressure, and heart rate sensors for wearable devices provide innovative environmental and biological sensing, is expected to stimulate other brand factory follow-sensing technology to ignite a new wave of war.

Chen Hongren stressed that Microsoft and Apple forces under the arch, wearable environmental and biological sensing applications development encroaching heat boiling point, stimulate many businesses quickly follow up. Millet, for example, recently spent $ 40 million investment that is creating new wearable device manufacturers --Misfit, offensive sleep detection and stylish exterior design, creating even more than the first generation of millet bracelet value; moreover, MC10 were also locked sports professionals, pregnant women and infants, heart rate monitoring program to develop exclusive, wearable device is designed demonstration model is gradually changing.

In fact, the system operators to launch the first wave of wearable electronics, and many more accessories based smart phone, equipped with only a simple function of the accelerometer and other motion sensors provide pedometer like; To further attract the attention of consumers, including the recent movement brand, accelerate the development of mobile devices, developers have a health monitoring device worn medical care or personal assistant functional use, thus stimulating a wave of pressure gauges, temperature / humidity and ultraviolet (UV) and other environmental sensors, as well as heart rate, blood oxygen , blood or other biological sensors brainwave needs.

In response to market trends, STMicroelectronics (ST), BoschSensortec and Freescale (Freescale) and other micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) wafer manufacturers, spare no effort to expand both the environment and bio-sensor product line; which, BoschSensortec lead more international in 2015 consumer Electronics Show (CES) display pressure, temperature, humidity and gas sensors Four programs to fight the design space is extremely sensitive wearable device manufacturers favor.

Chen Hongren said, following the biological, environmental sensing, the next round of wearable sensor device technology race is expected to infrared (IR) imaging, speech recognition, and gas sensing spindle. Observation of Microsoft and Apple product specifications, with MEMS microphones have switched to wake Cortana or Siri voice assistant, wearable devices to reduce the dependence on the phone; while some of the new entrants plan to import more IR imaging modules provide auxiliary nocturnal, heat detection and other functions, or through volatile organic compounds (VOC) gas sensors, air pollution alert the user at any time. Clearly, new sensing technology has become the focus of wearable devices feature race, will lead to huge business opportunities MEMS chip manufacturers.

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