Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Qualcomm releases new Snapdragon processor 600/400

Xiaolong 810's performance is quite amazing, we could not help but Qualcomm other product lines are full of expectation. And brought Xiaolong 400, 600 Xiaolong series of new products, a total of four, respectively, in the last day of Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve, Qualcomm: Xiaolong 415/425, 618/620 Xiaolong, a look .
First, the most noteworthy is the first time the eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon brought to 400, 415, 425 are used Xiaolong A53 eight-core design, 28nm process, the same 64-bit processor. Among them, 415 Xiaolong highest frequency 1.4GHz, while Xiaolong 425 up to 1.7GHz. Both have built two ISP, image processing will have a better performance.
GPU, the Xiaolong 415, 425 are built into the Adreno 405, supports up to 1920x1200 resolution output, 1080p Full HD video recording, 13 million pixel camera. In addition, support for the latest Direct X 11.2 (mainly for mobile devices running Windows Phone).
In addition to the frequency, 415, 425 Xiaolong difference lies mainly in data transmission speed. Xiaolong 415 integrates X5 LTE modem supports Cat 4 LTE, the theoretical maximum upload and download speeds are 50Mpbps, 150Mbps; and Xiaolong 425 integration is X8 LTE, support Gat 7 LTE, up to 100Mbps, 300Mbps, turned doubled.
Baseband radio chips, are RF360, supports over 40 global cellular network band, including FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, EV-DO, CDMA1x, GSM and EDGE network, covering the world Currently all major network standard. In addition, two new processors support LTE dual card, which Xiaolong 425 also supports VoLTE.
In addition, the two memory support are different. Xiaolong 415 supports only LPDDR3 @ 667MHz and eMMC 4.5 SD 3.0, and Xiaolong 425 support LPDDR3 @ 933MHz and eMMC 5.1 SD 3.0, faster.

A high grade 600 series Xiaolong Xiaolong also ushered the two chips 618, 620, a six-core, eight-core, are using the latest ARM Cortex-A72 core just released, 16nm FinFET manufacturing process, compared to A57 core 20nm process, its performance can be up to about 1.8 times its, and will have a significantly reduced power consumption.

Xiaolong 618 big.LITTLE size using the traditional core design, by four A53 (1.2GHz) + two A72 (1.8GHz) composed LPDDR3 support dual channel memory. GPU part not released, but said the next generation Adreno GPU, support for the latest graphics API, hardware tessellation and geometry rendering. Speculation may be forthcoming Adreno 500 series.
Audio and video, up to 4K resolution video recording as well as hardware decoding, maximum support 21 million pixel camera and 2560x1600 resolution screen. Network support, with the same 425 Xiaolong.
Xiaolong 620 raised to eight-core, by four A53 (1.2GHz) + four A72 (1.8GHz) composition, consistent with other aspects of Xiaolong 618.
It is understood that the new processor is expected to be officially unveiled later this year, as the mass production time is estimated to be 2016 years.

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