Sunday, February 8, 2015

SEMI successfully persuaded the US government to amend the Export Control List

SEMI breakthrough urged the US government to amend the Export Control List semiconductor devices. The US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) issued today will officially announce recognition of foreign (Chinese) presence of anisotropic plasma dry etching equipment, such equipment in the ECCN number of 3B001.c. BIS will show that China and the United States have a considerable performance ECCN3B001.c etching equipment technical capacity, and therefore, the US national security export controls based on this coding will become invalid.

The ban has been going on for 20 years, it is necessary to cancel the ban, which fully demonstrated China's domestic companies and US companies have created quite a performance semiconductor etching equipment. But also for the Wassenaar Arrangement (Wassenaar Arrangement) to lift the relevant regulations ready in global trade.

SEMI has long urged the US Government to amend the Export Control List, support free trade and open markets, and promote the healthy development of the global semiconductor industry. But this breakthrough addition to Chinese enterprises recognized outside the United States and Japan, a major equipment supplier is also a big plus.


July 16, 2014, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Association (SEMI) apply to the BIS, said that China there is an anisotropic plasma dry etching equipment, this type of device numbers in the US ECCN export control regime for 3B001.c. It is used in dual-use semiconductor device manufacturing processes, such as flash memory, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, transistors, and an analog - digital converter. These devices used for civilian and military applications, such as radar, point to point radio communication, microprocessors, cellular and satellite communications infrastructure. SEMI believes the same quality anisotropic China plasma dry etching equipment sufficient to US export control category ECCN 3B001.c failure.

SEMI after submission of the proposal, BIS on September 8, 2014 officially launched the assessment. BIS data analysis collected through the assessment shows that China and the United States have the same quality ECCN3B001.c etching equipment, so that the US National Security Export Control Based on this coding will become invalid.

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